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About us

Le Tremplin is located on the refurbished site of the former Interlac factory, whose features and facilities bear witness to its industrial past that brought wealth to the entire region.

This was the driving force behind our decision to dedicate each zone to a person who has made an impact not only on the economic fabric of the Verviers region, but on its artistic and cultural life, too.

And then there is the name - Le Tremplin, the springboard - projecting and visible far and wide, lit up at night, an emblematic reminder of the site’s industrial past.

But Le Tremplin is a symbol, too, accumulated energy, a solid base from which to launch into the Future.

Events venue

Inject your events and celebrations with the charisma of this superb, standout setting. You can enjoy the use of these converted factory premises on a magnificent and famous site close to Liege, Verviers, Germany, the Netherlands - everywhere - with motorway access just 3 minutes away, at a very affordable price.

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This gallery is like a cathedral for the industrial age, offering over 8,600 ft² where you can entertain up to 600 guests at your exhibitions, economic trade fairs, walking dinners and gala meals. Its general layout also makes it a suitable venue for hosting different activities side by side.

Area G. Deffet, Outside patio

  • Area : 312 m2
  • Capacity by type of configuration :
    • Reception : 200 persons.
    • Banquet, configuration round tables : 50 persons.
    • Banquet, rectangular tables configuration : 80 persons.

Area R. Hausman, Multipurpose space

  • Area : 650 m2
  • Capacity by type of configuration :
    • Reception : 500 persons.
    • Banquet, configuration round tables : 250 persons.
    • Banquet, rectangular tables configuration : 300 persons.


This hall comes with a number of key features, includes retractable tiered seating, room for 180 seated guests, or standing room for 370, and is available for staging dinner shows, concerts, conferences, plays, classical music concerts, etc.

The hall also has a control room, fitted dressing rooms and easy access for equipment delivery and removal. We can also loan you stage equipment.

The crowning glory, however, is the direct link to the studios of the local Télévesdre television channel, and the opportunity to capture your event for the viewing public.

Room J. Stotzem, auditorium

  • Area : 180 m2
  • Contenance par type de configuration :
    • Reception : 370 persons.
    • Theater : 180 persons.
    • Banquet, configuration round tables : 80 persons.
    • Banquet, rectangular tables configuration : 100 persons.


Our three seminar rooms are fully equipped, with multimedia facilities that can show your presentations in all three rooms if necessary, and, of course, Wi-Fi access throughout the building.

The seminar rooms lead on to a stylishly furnished interior patio where you can enjoy a relaxing break in the open air, and which also serves as a reception area in the heart of the complex.

The patio is an ideal spot for an aperitif reception or a moment’s breather in the fresh air. But why not book it to stage a jazz concert or a theatre play ?


Rehearsal Studios

Two rehearsal Studios For musical groups, theatre companies, musicians, individuals.

Rate available: 20 € excluding VAT per 3 hours slot, morning, afternoon or evening.

Price List

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